This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about echobullet, or if you need support, please contact us at on Twitter using @EchoBullet handle or on EchoBullet official Facebook page.

What is echobullet?

"echobullet" is build to solve the problem of mirroring the notifications from one device to another (if you have multiple devices). As you are aware WhatsApp can only be setup on one device. Though you can use WhatsApp Web app on other devices but you wont get notifications for that. Using "echobullet" you will be notified if there is any notification on WhatsApp or any app which you have configured to mirror using "PushBullet".

How much I have to pay?

It's available for free.

How did the idea come about?

When I purchased my new iPad I saw there is no official WhatsApp app for iPad or any thirdparty app which can notify. WhatsApp have web application but that does not have any notification mechanism. To solve this problem I thought of creating echobullet using exisiting solutions.

How do I use it?

To start mirroring just login to echobullet using PushBullet account. Select a device on which you want to mirror your notifications and click start mirroring. That's it. Prerequisite is you have PushBullet app on both devices and notification mirroring is on. Check Help for more details.

Do I need to install any app on my phone?

You don't have to install any separate app. PushBullet app is only what is required.

What all platforms it supports?

Currently as PushBullet only supports mirroring from Android device. So source of notifications can only be Android device. Receiver can be any device with PushBullet app installed. Check PushBullet apps for details what all platforms PushBullet supports.

Is it secured?

echobullet is not storing any content on it's servers. PushBullet supports end to end encrytion which makes it 100% secure. Check PushBullet blog about it.

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